“Journey through Sharjah Antique Museums” is the website that documents historical palaces in the Sharjah. This website acts as an advertising platform for both visitors and UAE residents to learn and explore the culture of Sharjah. Only a small percentage of content online is Arabic, so in this project we hoped to document the unknown or abandoned parts of the UAE that people need to be aware of.

1- Name: Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization Location: Souq al Majarrah, Sharjah Established: 1996 Why you should visit the Museum of Islamic Civilization The Sharjah Museum of Islamic civilization holds thousands of rare and important artifacts. You can admire the achivements of the islamic civilization and learn about aspects of Islamic faith, sciences, discoveries, and culture. Situated in the heart of Sharjah, this museum was once a house of a traditional middle easten souq. The museum containes seven gallries as follows; Al Baker gallery, Islamic galleries, Islamic coins display, The majarrah Temporary Exhibition Gallery.

3- Name: El Eslah School Musuem Location: Sharjah Creek Established: 1935 Why you should visit El Eslah School MuseumYou can learn about UAE’s educational system of the past. Sit at the wooden deks of students and enjoy photos of past students who graduated from sharjah’s first formal school. Established in 1935, it was the first formal school that welcomed students from all over the gulf region. You can admire the magnificent holy Quran stands made from palm fronds, black board, chalks, and educational drawings.

4- Name: Bait Al Naboodah Location: Heart of Sharjah Established: 1950 Why you should visit Bait Al NaboodahBait Al Naboodah shows the authentic architectural designs of traditional emarati houses, portraying the values and lifestyle of our ancestors. The house originally belongd to late Obaid bin Eissa Bin Ali who was a pearl merchant who worked with India, Africa, and France. The house is made of coral. It was sharjahs largest architectural houses and an example of a coastal home.

5 - Name: Al Mahatta Museum Location: Al Estiqlal Street, Sharjah Established: March 14, 2000 Why you should Visit Al Mahatta Museum It is the first airport of Sharjah, built in 1932 and then transformed into a museum which highlights the hustory of flight in the UAE. The airport was first used for commercial flights from Britain to India. The museum portrays mans first attempt to fly and to land on the moon. The original planes are fully restored and displayed in the museum.

6 - Name: Sharjah Calligraphy Museum Location: House of Hamad al Midfaa, Sharjah Heritage Area Established: June 12, 2002 Why you should visit Sharjah Calligraphy Museum Discover the fascinating world of creativity and learn about the evolution of arabic caligraphy over the years. The museum holds beautiful portaits of caligarphy text, letters, and shapes. The museum showcases work by local and international artists and calligraphers. Exhibitons are hosted on a regular basis, and will instil a love for arabi caligraphy for people.

7- Name: Maritime Museum, Sharjah Location: Al Khan building, Sharjah Established: 2003 Why you should visit Maritime Museum This museum sheds light on marine life which is an important part of Sharjahs heritage. The dea played an important role in the development of coastal cities and was the main reason for development over 6,000 years ago. You can explore traditional seafaring dhows used for fishing, pearling, trading. You can view the Arabic pearls obtained by our ancestors from the deep blue waters of the gulf. Visit the Maritime Museum to explore the exciting diving world and traditional fishing methods of the UAE’s old days.

8- Name: Sharjah Art Museum Location: Bait Al Serkal Al shuwaiheyn, Sharjah Established: April 17, 1997 Why you should visit Sharjah Art Museum Enjoy a world of creativity and art spread over specious galleries. This museum is for ar lovers who admire the collections and temporary exhibitions hosted by the museum. You can also participate in the museums porograms and workshops. Explore a three story musuem dedicated to artists and collections of more than 500 artworks of different mediums and techniques. The Art library has over 4000 titles in Arabic, english and other languages. It also inclues visual and audio materials.

9- Name: Sharjah Heritage Museum Location: Bait Al Taweel Al Shamsi, Heart of SharjahEstablished: Why you should visit Sharjah Heritage Museum The museum is decicated to Sharjah’s Heritage, and the rich culture of the emarati people, and Sharjah’s residents over the past decades. It looks at the arabic customs and legacy of past emarati generations. The museum works on arabic tradutions inclusing marriage ceremonies, sciences, livelihood, and celebrations. The enviroment reflects the lifestyle of the, habits, and crafts of the emarati people.

1- Name: Sharjah fort Museum Location: Al Hisn, Sharjah Established: 1832 Why you should visit Sharjah Fort Sharjah fort offers the opportunity to learn about the modern history of sharjah, the ruling family, the history of the fort, and defense methods used in sharjahs past everyday life. This museum was Sharjah’s government headquarter and residence of Qawasim ruling family. The fort consists of two floots and three towers built for defensive purposes. The fort was built using coral stones which was collected from the deep sea of the arabian gulf. This fort’s main purpose was to protect the city and its main inhabitants.