Meat, specifically beef, emits the highest carbon footprint within the agricultural sector.

Visual Experimentation

Ink Prints of Meat: The idea of imported food started to grow in mind as 90% of food in the UAE is imported and many people judge food based on the location that it comes from (origin based pricing). I wanted to show the idea that meat travels through long distances to reach its destination by adding a footprint function and by leaving ink stamps of meat to show that it has left dirty traces as coal or dirtiness.

Meat and Plant Illustrations: I tried to create line illustrations of fruits and meat as a style. I did so by looking at images of vegetables online and tracing them in my own style. Some of the vegetables are deformed, which was inspired by the instagram page: UglyProduceisBeautiful.

Using Ink on Meat: After learning about the damaging impacts of meat, I was already using ink as a sign of a carbon footprint. I wanted to signify the idea of carbon dispersing into the air by allowing it to spread through water. I started out by using a glass see-through object and placed meat at the bottom.

Clay Vegetables: I used some local vegetables from my own kitchen to outline the structure of a clay model. I used the shape of the vegetable to help determine the edges and create a perfect shape. Also, I wanted to write on the final clay model messages such as «eat local food produce» to inspire people to buy and eat local foods.

Meat Packages: I wanted to cut out shapes of letters from meat. I hoped that this could help me write a sentence or portray a message written using the meat. I hoped that spelling out a sentence or word could trigger the reader to think about the message that i’m trying to portray behind the meat package. I wanted this concept to maybe be in a package, as it could help deliver a message to a meat buyer when they are looking at the meat product behind the plastic wrap. This is when the concept of photographing meat in a package took place. I experimented with plastic, and packages of different color. Some pictures did not work because the meat was difficult to read or the plastic was coming in the way. The final concept was the white package on white background.


Function of Image We conceptualized a website as my final outcome. This is not my final design. The website is used to show how the navigation will be. A menu will help someone select a catageory such as a supermarket, weight, or origin. Later, when you select the images will shuffle. When you press on the image it will increase in size and you can read the amount of CO2 on the package as well as icons that you can use to learn about the water, land, phosphate, energy emissions.